Wooden Gates In Stratford

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wooden gate in over grown garden

Stratford is a beautiful and picturesque part of the country and if you’re lucky enough to live there, you’ll want your house to fit in perfectly with the surrounding area. The exterior part of your home, including your driveway and gardens, is incredibly important for making that perfect first impression.

To give your home that wow factor, roadside appeal, and impress your guests, you’ll need a stylish garden gate that’s also practical. Some of the most eye-catching and popular gates available for gardens are wooden gates.

The Benefits Of A Wooden Gate

Wooden gates are a great option to provide that perfect finishing touch to your outdoor space.


In comparison to plastic or metal gate options, wood is very affordable, especially considering the intricate designs that you can choose from. While the initial cost is considerably less than other options, you should consider the upkeep of a wooden gate. They may require regular maintenance to prevent any damage from occurring.


Wood is one of the most long-lasting and durable materials for use externally. With the correct treatment, it can stand the test of time in any weather conditions. The beauty of wood is that if it starts to look a little tired, you can sand it off and start again to give you a brand-new looking gate.


Wooden gates offer more privacy in comparison to metal gates, which are largely made from iron or steel bars. With a wooden gate, you could choose a fully enclosed design that blocks your garden from passers-by to provide you with complete privacy.


It’s a misconception that wood isn’t as strong as a metal or plastic gate. Wood is just as strong as any iron bar gate and if you ensure that you keep up to date with the wood treatment, they may even be more durable at standing up to weather conditions and give you improved security for longer.


The design of wooden gates is much more versatile than any other gate type. You could go for the standard straight look or go for something a little more creative with a curved top or even an intricate design carved into the wood. There’s no limit to the potential with wood, so you can ensure that your gate is unique and the perfect design for your home.

wooden garden gate

Environmentally Friendly

If you’re concerned with staying eco-friendly, then a wooden gate is the right choice for you. From a construction perspective, wooden gates can be made using less machinery and chemicals and require less heavy-duty transportation.


Wooden gates do need maintenance, however, this could give you a huge scope to revamp your garden look. There are lots of different wood stain finishes out there to change the colour of your gate so you could make it look like you’ve had a brand-new gate every year if you fancy a change. You’ll also need to refinish the wood once a year after a quick sand down. This stops any water from getting into the wood when it rains so the gate won’t warp, rot, or expand out of its shape.


One of the most brilliant things about selecting a wooden gate is that it’s easily repaired if something does happen to it. Unlike metal or plastic gates, it’s simple to find a matching section of wood to repair the gate if you need to. Whereas damage to metal or plastic gates will usually mean a whole new replacement gate, which is likely going to be much more expensive.

How To Get Started?

The easiest and fastest way to give your garden an incredible new look is to purchase a pre-built gate that’s made to measure for your garden. If you would like to know some more top tips for choosing the perfect garden gate for your home, check out this blog! 

Get in touch with Wilfirs to measure up and create your dream gate that will give you that high-end edge in your garden.