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At Wilfirs, we treat all of our high-quality fence panels with up to date preservatives to protect against rot and decay. This is to ensure our fencing panels are strong, durable, and built to last against high-winds and storms. We also use galvanised nails (non-zinc plated), as well as staples, throughout the bespoke construction of your fencing panels.
No other fencing panel manufacturer uses both high-performance treatment and framing as strong as Wilfirs. We understand that fencing needs to be built to last. This will save you money in the long-term, but also add a stylish new design to your garden.

Where to Buy Fence Panels?

At Wilfirs, we offer fence panels and fencing for your garden tailored specifically for your needs. Every garden is different, so is everybody’s own style taste. This is why bespoke fence panels for your garden from Wilfirs are the only real option.

Our fence panels are built and designed by our expert craft team at our display yard. Every fence panel we provide is tailored for your garden. Do you want a stylish boundary that allows you privacy in your garden and home? Fencing panels are a cost-effective and perfect design solution.

Each fence panel is easy to install and replace. At Wilfirs, our friendly and expert team will take care of this process for you. The installation process involves planting a concrete or wooden fence post and attaching a fencing panel to the post. From there, our team will repeat this until you have a boundary that gives you privacy and transforms the look of your garden.

Different Types of Fencing Panels

At Wilfirs, we offer a wide range of different fencing and garden products. We only provide high-quality garden accessories, that are resistant to rot and decay over time. As well as extreme weather conditions. Each type of fence panel is unique and has its own individual benefits. Here are some examples of fence panels we offer at Wilfirs:

Interwoven Fence Panels

This is the traditional design for fence panels, they offer a sleek and memorable look for any garden. Each panel features a consistent design that we can tailor specifically for you. We use strong and durable materials for each panel we provide featuring a complete frame that is 19mm x 38mm.

Wayneyedge Fence Panels

This is a similar type of fence boards that use thick Waneyedge slats to create a distinctive look that makes your garden stand-out. The Waneyedge panels give an overlap of up to 50 mm. This is how our designers achieve this incredible look.

Straightlap Fence Panels

This is one of the most popular panels that we offer. At Wilfirs, we are constantly looking to evolve, this is why we have improved this panel to increase its strength and durability. That will also allow you total privacy in your garden and home. The construction process consists of a complete outer frame on both sides with three inner battens on the reverse side of the fence. The panel is also covered in thick overlapping timber boards, stronger than normal slats.

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Advice & Recommendations

  • We recommend a further treatment not before 2-3 years to maintain their appearance
  • Never re-treat fencing during hot weather – we recommend late Autumn.
  • Never re-treat only one side
  • All the other timber used for fencing and fencing construction is Green Pressure treated
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