Trellis Panels

How do you create a unique look in your garden? A trellis panel is a dynamic wooden fencing choice that will brighten up and transform any outdoor space. A garden trellis and trellis fence topper are essential for anyone interested in adding beautiful new plants to their garden.

A trellis supports climbing plants which are perfect for anyone who loves their garden, as well as for anyone loves growing their own vegetables or fruit. They also offer a beautiful and casual garden boundary.

Trellis Fence

Trellises are interwoven or intersecting pieces of wood, bamboo, or metal. It is a classic architectural structure that is like a framework or a lattice. They are designed to support plants or shrubs, climbing plants or fruit trees.

One of the uses for a trellis fence is to partition off a section of your garden. A fence within a fence. This is why they are open with gaps to let the sunlight shine through. They are the perfect way to create a beautiful home for garden furniture. A trellis fence is a unique and dynamic garden screening choice, perfect for any cared-for garden.

Garden Trellis Panels

As well as looking great and supporting climbing plants, they also provide privacy. As well as security. Use garden screens to give yourself privacy in your garden and home. Garden trellis panels add a rare look for any garden, especially in the winter. But they also offer a great look in the summer where they support climbing plants that brighten up the look of any outdoor space.

Bespoke Trellis Fence

Like all of Wilfirs premium fencing option, our trellis panels are built only for you. We offer bespoke options tailored for your specific design choices. Our specialist designers will work with you to craft the perfect trellis fence option for you and your garden.
At Wilfirs, we understand that every home and every garden is unique. This means that a different trellis will suit a different style and different garden. Our dedicated team will work with you, from your first enquiry, to build the right trellis for your needs. One that will transform your garden and add a stunning look to your home.

Premium Installation Service

Our team of expert fence and gate fitters will ensure you have the best trellis for your garden. This team are dedicated to supplying high-quality products, with an unmatched installation. Which is why we are the leading wooden fence, gate, and trellis manufacturer.

Our trellis and fencing fitters have years of experience and are dedicated to providing you with a quality installation that both you and ourselves will be proud of. As well as add something special to your garden for years to come. We also ensure that whatever product we install, trellis or fence, it is built to last. This means it will stand strong against storms and other hazards. Our trellises are garden accessories you can rely on.

At Wilfirs, we manufacture the highest quality & specification trellises available in the UK. No other manufacturers can match our full specification and high-quality materials. To find out more about our trellis options, get in touch with our team today:

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Advice & Recommendations

  • We recommend a further treatment not before 2-3 years to maintain their appearance
  • Never re-treat fencing during hot weather – we recommend late Autumn.
  • Never re-treat only one side
  • All the other timber used for fencing and fencing construction is Green Pressure treated
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