Delivery Information

Most items are now available for National Delivery

Please go to our online shop for more details

The online shop will price your order at our collected prices and add a delivery charge to the order. If you order over the phone or at our sales counter we will use delivery inclusive prices, the overall totals will be the same.

We will allocate a day for delivery but not a time. Any approximate delivery times given are only a guide and cannot be guaranteed, they may have to be altered by the driver because of the route he has to take and the weight distribution on the lorry.

The driver CANNOT carry goods into your property or past the building line. We can, by prior arrangement, deliver goods onto your property but this will be chargeable and you will be asked to sign a waiver regarding any damage that may be caused during delivery.

If your delivery is for heavy materials (any item over 25kgs) we need an able bodied person present to help the driver off load. If this is not possible there are certain days when the vehicle has two people delivering.

The delivery will be made on a hard surface and our driver will unload from our vehicle to a place immediately adjacent to our vehicle. Should you request our driver to drive our vehicle off the hard road our driver may do so at his own discretion but will not be responsible for damages to drives, lawns, edgings, gates, fences, manholes or another structure or item.

As this is a free delivery service we must point out that we will have to charge delivery for any returns or exchanges.

We will reduce the delivery charge on a small extra order if the previous order is over £275.00.

Advice & Recommendations

At Wilfirs we advise all customers to not treat their new fence panels when they first purchase them. At Wilfirs we advise that you leave painting your panels for approximately 12 months, this is to let the new panel settle and to weather through the four seasons

Your Timber

Timber is a natural product & when exposed to nature may shrink, swell, split & distort especially during weather extremes. This is a natural process and will not affect its structural properties. We cannot accept any claims for returns in regard to these natural processes.

Should any component part warp, split or distort we will replace only the component part, not the whole product and it is the customers responsibility to fit the replacement part

For further advice call us on 0800 0190 316
or fill in our enquiry form