Feather Edge Fence Panels

Feather edge fence panels offer a traditional style that is perfect for any garden. Add a unique, classic style to your garden and your home with our standout fence panels. Feather edge fence panels feature vertical overlapping boards that make them strong, secure, and resistant to wind. As well as making them sturdy, these overlapping fence panels are the secret to their unique look.

This is a very strong panel made entirely from high-quality pressure treated timber. Like all of Wilfirs’ wooden fencing, we ensure we only use incredible materials. As well as the best treatments that guarantee we are providing an excellent product.

These types of fence panels are similar in design and build to close board fence panels. While close board panels are conventionally used as a boundary, feather edge fence panels are similarly robust and strong but often have more detailed designs. They also offer a range of choices in design. Explore below to find out more:

Feather Edge Fence Panel With Trellis

A garden trellis, also known as a treillage, is an architectural structure that can transform your garden. They are made with either intersecting or interwoven pieces of wood, metal, or bamboo. Conventionally a trellis is an open lattice or framework that is designed to showcase climbing plants and shrubs.

These fence panels with trellis are sturdy and support a variety of beautiful plants and shrubs. They are are a must for anyone with green fingers. You can also use them to hold climbing vegetable plants. This is why they are a versatile choice that will suit a range of gardens and homes.

6ft Feather Edge Fence Panels

At Wilfirs, we offer a wide range of fence panels options, in a variety of sizes. Our 6×5 feather edge fences are the perfect way to add a strong and dynamic fence choice into your garden. If you’re looking for excellent, sturdy wooden fencing, this is the option for you.

Double-Sided Feather Edge Fence Panels

A double-sided close board fence panel is a two-sided garden fence that uses vertical feather edge boards and panels. They partially overlap to give this fence panel type its distinctive look.

These fence panels showcase the unique feather edge look on both sides of the wooden fence. You get the most of the intricate design with this fence panel option. The panels are covered with featheredge boards that are timber and complete with a capping rail.

High-Quality Panel Fencing

The best way to transform your garden is with dynamic fence panels and wooden fencing. Fence panels and fence boards can add a subtle but unbelievable difference to any garden. Wooden fencing will frame your garden and add to the complete look of your house.

At Wilfirs, we manufacture the highest quality & specification Featheredge Board Panels available in the UK. No other manufacturers can match our full specification and high-quality materials. To find out more about our feather edge board panels, get in touch with our team today:

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  • We recommend a further treatment not before 2-3 years to maintain their appearance
  • Never re-treat fencing during hot weather – we recommend late Autumn.
  • Never re-treat only one side
  • All the other timber used for fencing and fencing construction is Green Pressure treated
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