Wooden Decking

High-Quality Decorative Decking Boards

Wooden Decking Boards

Wilfirs offers high quality decorative decking boards and shaped tiling to provide practical decking solutions when laid onto a constructed base framework.

Our pressure treated decking components will provide you with all you need for any size deck in any size garden. As a freestanding feature in a secluded part of the garden or attached to the house, a wooden deck provides a warm inviting environment to entertain or simply relax.

Architectural Aluminium Balusters

Wilfirs architectural aluminium balusters provide the beautiful appearance of hand forged wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. These uniquely designed balusters come in two styles and colours, displaying a bold and distinctive appearance not found on decks today.

Architectural balusters come in black and bronze.

Classic Aluminium Balusters

Wilfirs classic aluminium balusters offer distinctive design options not found with typical 2” x 2” wood balusters. Available in 7 colours, these maintenance free balusters create an impressive and rich appearance of wrought iron. We can also offer 4 centre pieces to add design and flexibility to the deck rail.

Classic balusters come in: Black, White, Forest, Clay, Bronze, Rust and Stainless brushed aluminium.

Scenic Balusters

Wilfirs scenic balusters combine the elegant beauty of glass railing with the ease of installation of a 2” x 2”. A transparent view of the outdoors without interruption, without maintenance, but with distinction. The tempered glass balusters offers all of this at a fraction of the cost of other glass railing systems.

Scenic balusters are available in clear, dusk and autumn view. The balusters are angled to work on stair rails. Each baluster is 4” in width, 5/16” thick and 31” tall.

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