Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Garden Gate for Your Home

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Garden Gate

Whether you’ve bought a new home or are looking to spruce up the exterior look of your existing property, a great place to start will be your garden gate. However, there are plenty of things you are going to need to be aware of. For example, do you know which type of gate, or material is going to work best for you? What about security?

In this quick guide, we’re going to take a close look at some of the top considerations you’re going to need to keep in mind when shopping around for a wooden garden gate or metal gating option. Whether for your front garden or back garden space, here are a few things you should always keep in clear focus.

Consider Style

Of course, when choosing anything like a wooden garden gate, you should think about look and style. Look for an option which doesn’t just complement your garden, but transforms the exterior value of your home. Could you benefit from a Victorian or Edwardian style gate to complement a period property? How about a clean, sleek contemporary gate which will look great for a new build? Also consider traditional farmhouse gates, if you’re out in the countryside and want to create a lovely, homely look.

Consider Security

Yes – security really does matter, even when it comes to a run of the mill garden gate! If this is a gate that’s going to have public access for post deliveries and more, then consider a simple latch. However, for leading into the back garden, you should always consider higher security. This might demand a more extensive latch or bolting system. Or, if you’re really hot on your security, you may wish to install a smart system such as a keypad. However, it needs to keep in with the aesthetic!

Garden gate and fence

Material of Build

Of course, we feel that wooden gate options tend to offer the best choice for British gardens. However, there are plenty of homes which make use of metal gates, too. Wooden garden gates look great as they blend in with natural surroundings – such as a garden!

However, wood gates are going to need a little bit of TLC and maintenance. This means that you’re going to need to treat the wood to make sure that it’s resistant against years of use, as well as any weather that’s likely to beat down on your garden. You should always consider looking at different types of wood, too!

What If You Can’t Decide?

No problem! Choosing the perfect garden gate isn’t a process that’s necessarily going to take you minutes at a time. It makes sense, therefore, to reach out to expert gate designers, builders, and installers with more than a few years of experience in the trade. This way, you can be sure that you are getting insight from specialists who have spent years setting up gating and garden installations for people across the UK.

Make sure to reach out as soon as you can the moment you feel you need help picking the best garden gate or wooden gate system for your home. Take your time and find a look that will last for years to come.

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