Different Types Of Wooden Garden Gates

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Are you looking for more privacy? Do you want to protect your back garden? Or maybe the front of your house looks boring and you want it to look attractive? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, wooden garden gates can do this for you.

Wooden Garden Gates Available at Wilfirs 

There are a variety of options available such as Trellis garden gates, wooden picket gates, and wooden town gates.

Trellis Garden Gate

When making Trellis garden gates, “trellis boards” are used and can be painted to match the colour you want. For a beautiful entrance to your garden, choose a gate with a roofed structure that has latticed or openwork sides. You can add to the climbing plants like ivy, purple solanum, jasmine, and wisteria to make them more attractive.

Benefits of the Trellis Garden Gate

·   Secure

Putting up a trellis gate can help strengthen the already existing fence or wall making your garden more secure. They are great if you have a short fence and prefer to raise it for privacy reasons.

·   Affordable

These don’t cost much to install when compared to other fencing options. They are wooden and can be recycled and reused.

·   Save Space

Is your garden a little small? Trellis boards are the best option here. You can attach to the boxes, flowerpots, and other small objects. This will save you more room on the ground.

Wooden Picket Gates

These are more traditional. They give off a feel and appearance of a typical older home.

wooden picket gate

Benefits of the Wooden Picket Gates

·   Easy to Install

Wooden picket gates come with a ready-made fitting that can be installed by anyone. Everything from spacing and sizes has already been done.

·   Affordable

Compared to other heavier fencing options, wooden picket gates are much cheaper. They are also easier to maintain and will save you lots of money which would have gone into repairs.

·   Stylish

Those painted in the color white will set your property apart. At first glance, whoever sees the property will immediately add value to it.

·   Secure

Wooden picket gates will prevent people that would normally take shortcuts to your property.

Wooden Town Gate

These gates come in a variety of styles you just have to choose which one fits your needs.

Benefits of Wooden Town Gates

·   Useful & Secure

For whatever reason you select this gate type, it’s built to deliver. Wooden town gates can be designed to fit any shape and size, but their main purpose is to increase security while still appearing attractive and professional. The best wooden town gates are made using hardwood which keeps business premises safe from crime because they create a strong barrier that’s hard to break down.

·   Great Value

Wood is way cheaper than most materials. It can last for some time, especially good quality timber. Make sure it’s installed with all the required protection against termites, discoloration, wind, and rain to ensure its durability.

·   Attractive

There are unique designs for farms, businesses, and premises. The timber looks neat and sturdy giving it a great appearance.

Bottom Line

Those are the three main wooden gates guaranteed to keep you safe while enhancing the look of your home. You can add a touch of your style by adapting their design. However, always remember to choose the right material when buying wooden garden gates. 

If you would like to find out more about how we at Wilfirs can help you find the perfect wooden gate for your home, get in touch with our friendly team today on 0800 0190316 or head over to our contact page for more details.