What Are Trellis Panels?

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Garden trellis panels can transform your outdoor space and give it a brand new look. Many people see a garden trellis as outdated, but they couldn’t be more wrong. If you’re thinking of updating your outdoor space or just adding in a vibrant design feature, you should invest in garden trellis panels.

What Are Garden Trellis Panels?

Trellis panels are cross-hatched wooden or metal sections that can be attached to fences, walls, or even stand up on their own if screwed into the floor. The criss-cross pattern is both fashionable and functional. It gives the impression of space, while also allowing you to stabilise fast-growing plants and make a feature out of the plant’s leaves.

The Benefits Of Trellis Panels

Setting up a trellis in your garden has a ton of benefits and it’s so flexible with style and design choice.

Design & Colour

Most trellis panels are made of wood, so they can easily be treated and painted in any colour you like. This means it will easily fit in with any design that you want to install in your brand-new garden.

Garden Sectioning

Trellis panels can be created to stand up by themselves as a makeshift garden fence panel. Over time, as your plants grow up the trellis, they’ll form walls, creating different sections in your garden to maximise your outdoor space. There are many ways you can use garden sectioning as a unique design feature. For example, why not set up trellis panels around a decking area to make it more private?

Plant Crazy

Trellis panels are typically designed to help your plants to grow upwards and outwards, creating a beautiful wall of foliage. If you’re a little green-fingered, then a garden trellis can support vines and trailing plants to help them to grow faster towards the sun. Clematis and honeysuckle are plants that are amazing for insect life and are notorious for growing up high. They just need that little extra support to get them there, which is easy to provide with trellis panels. A trellis can also help you to display flowers so they’re more noticeable to passers-by. Roses work well with a garden trellis to give your garden the colour palette uplift that it needs.

Vegetable Growth

Trellis panels can even help with vegetable and fruit growth. Your beautiful fruit will be displayed throughout your garden giving an element of colour and adding that bit of homemade glory to your kitchen too.

Bespoke Trellis Panels

A garden trellis can easily be purchased from a garden centre fairly cheaply. However, the standard shape and size might not be exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why it’s a great idea to go bespoke. Buying a bespoke garden trellis will give you the freedom to measure the exact size that you need for your outdoor space and you could even create new shapes, change the colours, or use your trellis for something a little bit different.

Bespoke trellis panels don’t need to have the standard criss-cross design. You could choose a design with diagonal strips that could be made into archways to surround a seating area. Or you could even set up your trellis panels to support pot plants in individual pots periodically up the wall. 

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