What are Interwoven Fence Panels?

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Fence Panels Interwoven

When you’re re-doing the garden many things will probably start calling out to you. What flowers you want to plant, where the new patio will go, etc. One thing that might not draw your attention as much is the fence. However, choosing the right fence can transform your garden and one of the most interesting designs available is interwoven fence panels.

Fencing is very important for marking out boundaries between properties, keeping your property, family, and pets safe by giving them an enclosed environment, and keeping your property private, both for your own quality of life and to keep things away from the prying eyes of thieves. Most gardens have a fence of some sort as it’s a necessity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or not exactly to your liking.

Everything You Need to Know About Interwoven Fence Panels 

Interwoven fence panels are an alternative to traditional waney edge fence panels and they were a popular choice in years gone by. 

They’re now seeing a re-emergence in modern gardens thanks to their simplicity and they’re ‘good on both sides’ design. After all, neither neighbour wants to be stuck with the ‘boring’ side of the fence and an interwoven fence panel is the perfect compromise – it’s always a good idea to keep the neighbours happy! 

interwoven fence panels

Interwoven panels are reinforced with 2 vertical posts for strength, making them ideal for dealing with a windy British winter. Interwoven fencing is also a relatively inexpensive choice, making it the perfect style of fencing for boundaries. However, it is also relatively rare as not a lot of companies offer this type of fence panel, which is why they’re a unique option.

Interwoven fencing uses wooden slats of differing depths that are intertwined to create a simple but timeless look using a distinct pattern. As well as both you and your neighbour benefitting from the best side of the fence, the interwoven pattern creates subtle light and shade effects and because of the positioning of the slats.

Why Should I Invest in Interwoven Fence Panels?

Available in a variety of woods to suit any style, interwoven panels can also be painted to achieve a unique colour or even bought as pressure treated panels. The pressure treatment during the manufacturing process means the fence doesn’t need to be painted to prevent the wood from rotting over time. 

If you want to make the interwoven fence slightly more unique then the panels could be combined with an intricate panel topper or post caps to add a little flair to the simplistic design and really allow you to stamp your mark on both the fence and the garden.

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