What Are Feather Edge Fence Panels?

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Feather Edge Fence Panels

Feather edge fencing is best described as a sturdy fence made from fence panels that overlap, creating a durable and stable border method. You may be wondering if they’re a popular choice within gardens of the UK and, if so, why?

What Is Feather Edge Fencing?  

Feather edge fence panels are an understated choice of garden fencing. They are simplistic and neutral, but they are also extremely durable. They’re often produced from the highest-quality timber and are built to stand strong and tall, ensuring they weather the wind, rain, sun, and snow. 

These types of panels are available with extra height, promising an added level of privacy which can make your garden feel more like a private and safe space. It can also provide more security for children and pets as feather edge garden fence panels go hand in hand with sturdy wooden posts that reinforce the stability of your fencing.

Unlike a lot of other types of fencing, feather edge panels are one of the easiest and quickest to paint, although it might not feel like it after a day’s work. Multiple layers of paint will be needed for the coat to last longer and this also reduces the risk of the weather dislodging and exposing parts of the panel that haven’t been painted.

Is Feather Edge Fencing Popular In The UK?  

For those looking to create a statement or frame their garden, decorative or semi-solid panels can create a welcoming ambience. The design takes inspiration for its appearance from Venetian style panelling, with small gaps in between the slats. 

Trellises are also a very common attribute in a British garden; however, this is more a fence topper than a fence panel. High-quality trellises are made from battens measuring at least 12mm x 25mm from well-treated timber. By far the most popular fencing method is close board, also known as feather edge fencing, as it is considered the most robust, as well as traditional, type of fence panel in the UK.

Where Can I Buy Feather Edge Fence Panels?  

For the highest quality feather edge fencing panels at the most affordable prices, Wilfirs provides bespoke fencing suppliers tailored to each individual client, suitable for all budgets. At Wilfirs, we’re a well-established family business that has been supplying the people of Coventry and Warwickshire with all their fencing needs since 1945. 

Wilfirs’ feather edge fencing panels are secure, strong, and resistant to all weathers, making them a reliable yet attractive option for all gardens. 

Reasons To Invest In Feather Edge Fence Panels  

As well as for security and aesthetic reasons, other advantages come with installing feather edge fence panelling in your garden. For more in-depth and detailed reasons on why you should consider this type of panelling, get in touch today on 0800 0190316 or email us via our contact page.