What Are Godfather Fence Posts?

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Godfather fence posts are often used to fix broken and rotting posts. They have the durability and strength needed to withstand British weather conditions and have an excellent lifespan too.

If you’re considering repairing your fence but you’re not sure whether a godfather fence post is a right choice, this article is for you. Let’s take a look at how these fence posts differ from other types, what they’re used for, and what you can expect when you purchase one.

Wooden Garden Fence

Why Choose A Godfather Fence Post?

A concrete godfather post improves the strength and stability of your fence. These solid concrete godfather posts add strength to your timber fencing and are easy to install which is why many people choose them for their garden.

No matter if your fence post has seen better days and is getting more unstable as time goes on, or it’s rotted completely, a Godfather fence post can benefit you by:

  • Serving as an alternative to a complete replacement post.
  • Being great for use on new fences if using wooden posts.
  • Being quicker and easier installation when compared to other types of fencing.
  • Guaranteeing durability by nature.

What Are Concrete Fence Posts Used For?

In addition to being highly durable and strong, concrete is resistant to rot and insects, which makes it a long-lasting material. As concrete is impermeable to liquids and mould cannot easily penetrate it either; anything that attempts to pass through it will probably just end up sitting on the surface. This is why concrete is easy to maintain and keep looking its best.

Concrete posts are known to withstand high winds in exposed gardens and escape with minimal damage despite the harsh conditions; particularly in coastal areas where seawater spray may be present.

Because of the reasons above, concrete Godfather posts are a highly versatile option for anybody looking to carry out repairs to installed timber fencing.

Is Installing A Godfather Fence Post Difficult?

No, installing a Godfather concrete fence post isn’t that difficult, especially if you have some previous installation experience.

Below, we’ve set out basic instructions to follow to help you get the job done!

  1. Clear the space around where you’re working, so you have safe space to work in and have direct access to the ground.
  2. Dig a hole around the Godfather fence post. The width and depth depend on the size of the fence post. Typically, you should aim for around 10cm deep and 8cm wide.
  3. Deposit the post where you’ve dug and drill it into place.
  4. As a last check, ensure the post is perfectly straight and all the bolts and screws are secured correctly.
  5. Finally, pour your concrete mix into the hole to secure the fence post in place. 

Where Can I Buy Quality Godfather Fence Posts?

At Wilfirs, we offer a wide range of high-quality fencing posts. Whether you need a delivery service or would prefer to collect your fencing products, our expert team is on hand to help. 

If you have any questions about our concrete fence post stock, get in touch with us today on 0800 0190 316 or head over to our contact page for more details!