Fence Panels: Choosing the Right Ones for your Garden

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Wooden fence panels

From the classic picket fence design to more functional, secure fence panels, there are many considerations to bear in mind when choosing the right fence for your garden. When considering the right design, you need to consider certain requirements such as how high the fence needs to be, what its function is and how you want it to complement the rest of the garden. 

What is the Purpose of Your Fence?

It can seem quite daunting when faced with all the different options for fencing, but all you need to do is decide what you and your garden really need! The type of fence that you choose will primarily depend on what you want to use it for. 

You may need some privacy from your neighbours, to separate the vegetable patch from your children’s playing area, or it could just be for hosting climbing plants. These three examples would all require different styles of fence panels that either: provide shelter, divide the garden up or look decorative.

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The height of your fence will differ depending on what its use is. If you want to choose fence panels that will shield your garden from the prying eyes of neighbours, then the taller fences will be best. If you just want to divide some sections of your garden then you can opt for a shorter fence so as not to cut off the rest of the garden from view.  

If you merely want some decorative fence panels to grow plants on then you want to maximise height. You should always check that your fence is not too tall and is in line with council regulations before you make your final decision!


It is also important to really think about the location of the fence, you need to consider how much wind and sunlight your garden gets. Large open spaces can be susceptible to strong winds. If this describes your garden then it might be a good idea to choose smaller fence panels that are less likely to be damaged. Equally, if you don’t get much sunlight, you don’t want to add fence panels that cast lots of shadows and make the matter worse. 


There are so many styles and materials when it comes to fencing that you never need to sacrifice the appearance of your garden whatever the purpose of the fence. The fence you choose should be in keeping with the design of the rest of the garden, taking colours, style and materials into account. 

Quality Fence Panels from Wilfirs 

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