Wooden Fence Posts Vs Plastic Fence Posts

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When selecting the fence posts for your garden there are a few important things to consider. You’ll need them to look the part and match the style of your house and garden. A big benefit is when they’re fairly low maintenance so you don’t have to spend your time caring for them. Your budget can also have a massive factor in the option that you choose.

The most popular choices for garden fencing are wooden or plastic/PVC and both work well. However, it’s always worth speaking to fencing specialists to determine which option would be most beneficial for you.

The Benefits Of Wooden & Plastic Fence Posts

Wooden Fence Posts

 –        Natural Aesthetic 

Wooden fencing looks visually appealing and can transform your garden. Most people feel that wood matches their home and garden’s style. They can boost the value of your home because people find it more appealing.

–        Colour Variation 

Because wood is easily varnished and can be painted using various colours it’s much more flexible than PVC when it comes to changing colours. If you’re fancying a remodel of your outdoor space, wood can easily be molded to your new look.

Wooden fence and wooden fence posts

Plastic Fence Posts

–        No Maintenance 

Plastic fence posts are strong and durable, which means they can withstand all weather conditions. The great thing is, they require no maintenance at all. They don’t need sanding, painting, or varnishing to maintain its structure and appearance. Newly-made plastic fence posts also don’t suffer from discolouration caused by the sun, so you can be confident that they’ll stay pristine and white no matter what.

–        Recycling 

Despite its appearance, plastic fence posts are easy to recycle, so you’re doing your bit for the environment. 

Key Differences Between Wooden & Plastic Fence Posts

Both plastic and wooden fence posts are great in their own way. It depends on your style and what you want to get out of your fence. Wooden fence posts look amazing outside a traditional-style house. You can even sand your posts to create a design that you love. Plastic posts, on the other hand, would suit a more modern abode and are a great feature of a minimalist-style garden.

Are You Looking For Low Maintenance?

If you’re not an avid DIYer and need something that just takes care of itself, then plastic fencing may be the ideal choice for you. You’ll just need to hire a fencing specialist to fit your fence posts and you’re done. Your posts are easy to wipe clean if you have a particularly bad autumn or winter, no need to get the paintbrush out.

Do You Need A Durable Fence Post?

Wooden fencing, if treated properly, can last for decades. You’ll need to oil or varnish your fence posts every couple of years to keep them looking new, but that seals them from water damage, meaning they won’t expand if they get damp. Wooden fence posts don’t warp in the heat either, so they work for hot climates. If you’re willing to care for your fences, wood is long-lasting and sturdy in any weather.

Working On A Budget?

Because of the cost of construction, plastic fencing will set you back a little extra on the face of it. However, you will need to consider whether the cost of the extra products to care for the wooden fencing might pull the prices a bit closer together. While the standard price will be more affordable for wooden fencing, you’ll also need to paint, oil, or varnish your fence every few years.

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