Should I Invest In A Wooden Driveway Gate?

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wooden driveway gate

A driveway gate can be a fantastic addition to your home and a great way of providing privacy and security. Often being the first feature of a property to be seen from the outside, it’s important to make an informed decision when investing in a driveway gate to ensure any first impressions are good ones. A wooden driveway gate is a popular choice when it comes to choosing the perfect gate and here is why.

Benefits Of Investing In A Wooden Driveway Gate

Wooden Driveway Gates Have A Great Appearance!

There is no denying that wooden driveway gates can make for a very aesthetically pleasing entrance to your house, for both contemporary and traditional properties. Their appearance can add a ‘homely’ touch to your home that metal gates do not typically have as the wrong design may appear cold and industrial-like. Wood or timber has a unique ageing process, which means your wooden gate will get better with age, appearing more stylish as time goes on.

Wooden Driveway Gates Are Versatile!

Wooden gates are timeless when correctly cared for. Do note, however, that as with all wood materials, your wooden gate will have to be regularly treated. What makes wood such a great option for your driveway gate is the versatility of the material, which can either modernise or add a more vintage feel to your property, depending on which type of wood you go. Opting for a wooden driveway gate also allows you to have a stained or painted finish.


Although metal gates were once the preferred option because of their durability, modern engineering has meant that wooden gates are now manufactured to be just as robust. Contrary to what the name suggests, softwood makes for exceptionally durable gates, with Redwood or ‘Scots Pine’ being two of the most popular choices.

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Privacy & Security

Because of their panelled design, wooden driveway gates are a better way of providing privacy for your home compared to other materials. On a harmless level, a lack of privacy can be slightly annoying when it comes to nosey neighbours peeping in for a chat, but can also pose a security threat. Additionally, the solid barrier of a wooden gate can deter thieves as they are difficult to climb.

Environmentally Friendly

More than ever before, we all have to be more conscious of how our actions are impacting the environment. One easy way to help reduce your carbon footprint is by choosing wood over metal when investing in your driveway gate. With wood being a sustainable material, it doesn’t require a large amount of fossil fuel energy to produce as required with metal or plastic gates.

With the entrance to your home making such a memorable impression, choosing the right gate for your driveway is not an easy decision. Regardless of what wooden gate you decide to go for, however, you can be assured that Wilfirs can offer you several high-quality driveway entrances, side, and garden wooden gates. Get in touch with a member of the team today to see what your options are.